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Marcos vs Cory! Round XxX!

Well the country is once again divided! Will we bury our former dictator Marcos in the Cemetery for Heroes or won’t we? Will we forgive him for his past trespasses and let him rest in peace? Or will we hold him up as an example that the Filipino never forgets (on some issues)? Will that red line under Cemetery ever disappear if I don’t use spell check! Interesting times!

Of course like everybody else the Isyw blog has its own opinions. Both sides present some valid arguments and have some impassioned speakers representing them. Both spent plenty of time convincing everybody of the correctness of their position. But still I feel that the most important question has yet to be asked. To wit: DO YOU HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO WITH YOUR TIME?

I mean seriously. We have a growing debt crisis. Growing unemployment. Corruption. At least two armed rebellions. And you want to talk about this? What does this matter? The location of his burial is purely symbolic. It doesn’t get us any more jobs, money, etc.You have thousands of other problems to deal with. I would understand if we took this issue seriously if our country was doing very well, we had no looming problems, etc. Then we would really have time on our hands. But debating this useless issue gets us nowhere. Talk about the RH bill. Talk about our budget. Talk about the ARMM elections. Discuss anything which will actually have an impact on our country.

Bury Marcos in a cardboard box. Bury him in the special cemetery. Bury him wherever the hell you want. His final resting place will not have an impact on what he did in history. Everyone already knows what he did. It is already taught in schools, written inside our history books. At the end of the day everyone will make up their own mind about him regardless of where he is buried.

My personal solution is to have him pay for the privilege. Have his family return some of the money that they have stolen/earned (whatever side you believe) and then apply that directly to our debt. Like I said his resting place is not important. At least the country as a whole gets something out of it.

I can already hear the veterans. “But that will mean we did nothing in Edsa!” To them I ask: Really? Were you there protesting that the dictator should not be buried in the national cemetery? Funny I thought you were there because you wanted to remove him from power. And you did it. No matter what happens from now till the end of time, you did what you did. No burial place is strong enough to take that from you.

Of course, the second argument is that with this solution Marcos will have effectively bought his place in the special cemetery. I still don’t really care where he is buried. He isn’t using his body anymore so I doubt he does too. But if it makes you feel better, whatever happened he was still elected president of our country at least once so there is at least some reason for him to be there.

Look at that! That solution took all of what ten minutes? All that remains to be decided is how much we should charge them. Really if anybody is reading this blog. We have more important things to worry about than where some twenty year old corpse is buried!


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Libyan Conflict

 I apologize for this belated blog entry. I know the world has already moved on from this and i should have wrote about it earlier.

If you’ve been watching the news or have wondered why the oil prices rose then you will know that there is some sort of war in Libya. The story is not really unique. Strongman tyrant in power, revolutionaries appear probably funded by first world countries, U.N. or NATO or whomever decides to intervene and bomb/invade the place. Really nothing that different from the average middle eastern or African story.

 What i would really like to talk about is the reaction of the world in general and my country in particular. Somehow we still blame the Americans for starting this war. I even saw a picture of some protesters outside the American embassy here with placards saying “Don’t make Libya into another Iraq”. Allow me to profoundly say “lol no”.

I have no doubt that the United States starts their fair share of conflict whether by overt or covert means. But they did not start this one. Think about the situation at hand. America has just gotten past a major deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan (which could have been handled a LOT better if I might add). They spent billions there and countless troops to give some semblance of freedom to the countries. Which doesn’t really matter in the long run because as soon as they leave another military strongman will take over. The voters in their country just threw out the previous administration at least partly due to the Iraq and Afghanistan war.

Consider all these things and you will see that the United States just isn’t ready for another war. It’s not the military capability. I remember reading some piece of trivia saying that one carrier battle group of the United States Navy could take on all the other navies in the world and still win. And they have eight or more of them. The capability to make war is certainly there. The weapons, soldiers, etc. What is not there is the willpower. The American people just are not ready for another war. They will probably not be ready for another generation. In fact I think if China were to invade Taiwan, under a suitable diplomatic pretext, the US would not send troops to help. Beyond the customary saber rattling and threats of course.

Look at how the conflict itself turned out. The US sent missiles and a few planes. When it came to actually stopping a ground offensive against the rebels who were the ones who stepped up? The French! In other circumstances the US army would be the first ones to send planes over.

Give credit where credit is due, and blame where blame is due. We have to examine each situation individually and make decisions based on that. Not on some preconceived notions we may have.

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Watch this video first!

I will not live my life as a goddamn minority.  I will not LIVE my LIFE as a GODDAMN minority! I WILL NOT LIVE MY LIFE AS A GODDAMN MINORITY! This is probably one of the most racist comments in South Park, a show which already has a high level of race related comedy. Yet somehow this single statement from Cartman resonated with me and gave me a eureka moment. Yea Cartman is right!

Now for the obligatory political correctness: I am not a racist. I couldn’t care less for the color of one’s skin. No, I have not been involved in any hate crimes. Yes, I will make fun of everyone equally. American, Filipino, Jew, Black, White, Ginger. The statement struck a chord with me because of the attitude it showed. Not one of racism which, judging by south park’s brand of humor was a joke, but by the confidence and entitlement it shouted. The confidence that says “no, my group will not be at the bottom”. Why? Not because of any inherent qualities in gingers. Cartman could care less. It’s because he is in the group and he has the self-confidence and arrogance to believe that any group he was leading would go to the top. More importantly the context of the sentence showed that he was willing to work and give his all to achieve this. When Cartman shouted this I immediately thought: “I will not live my life in a poor, backward, third world- country”.

I promised in my last article that I would tell you why I love this country. Let me begin. I don’t love this country because of Rizal, Cory, or any of our other heroes. I don’t love this country because of People Power 2, our valiant defense during WW2, or any other event in our history. I certainly don’t love this country because of the people in it. A majority of whom I have never even met nor spoken to. The heroes and events in our past are certainly noteworthy. I’m sure if I met most of my countrymen I would like a lot of them. However there is only one reason I love this country. I love this country because I am in it. I love this country because I love myself.

I love this country because I love myself. So simple, so selfish, so conceited, so arrogant. Yet there it is. For better or for worse the cosmic lottery dictated that I be born here. Which means this is my team. I wasn’t drafted for this team, nor was I scouted to join, but it’s still my team. And I just have too much pride and self- confidence to let my team remain second best. Who wants to let their team remain as the kings if they could transform them to be the Lakers right? I’m sure other people have had this thought before. Everyone you ask will probably say they want to make the country a better place to live in. The difference, I think, is that I am egotistical and arrogant enough to believe that I can make a difference. I believe that I deserve to be in the best country and I am willing to work to achieve that. In fact I believe in myself so much that I take it as a failure every time our nation sinks deeper.

The obvious question is why not switch teams? After all there was no voluntary choice on my part to be a citizen here. I’m sure if I believe in myself this much then I should certainly believe that other nations would offer me citizenship. Why not join an already successful nation? The answer lies in that very same belief. The confidence I have in myself makes me think that leaving to join another nation is an admission of defeat, one of surrender. I am essentially saying that it is beyond my capabilities to help bring our country to the top and therefore I will leave. Sadly, I’m just too egotistical to do that.

By now you are probably saying “Wow what an arrogant asshole. What can you do by yourself.” Yes, you might be right. There may be nothing I can do and I may just be setting myself up for disappointment. God forbid the day ever comes where reality crushes my spirit and compel me to leave. However until that day comes, while I am still young and full of spirit I will try and make our team the best one.

What can one person do though? Honestly? Nothing by himself. It could be that my contribution would be this blog. Hopefully I can reach some like-minded countrymen out there and gather more people to enact change. Maybe someone reading my words will have a paradigm shift and be offended at the thought that they deserve to live in a third world country. Maybe it will be outside of the internet, through the people I interact with. I just know that every time I see our latest blunder I think we could do so much better and I think and make plans about how to do that. I hope I reach a point in my life where I can more meaningfully affect our direction. One thing is for sure though. I am not going to give up and will try to find ways to make this place better.

Well that’s it. I do hope I reach someone with this post. Out of every article I’ve made I think this one shows everyone the most about my character. Whenever you look at our country and see the corrupt, the laziness, the lawless. Remember that they don’t matter. Our country could be filled with the worst people but we should still have enough confidence in ourselves to change it. Remember: I love this country because I love myself.


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Filipino First -> Only

In honor of the recent People Power Revolution anniversary I thought it proper to do a piece on nationalism. By “nationalism” though I don’t mean celebrating how awesome it is to be Filipino (and it is) or how our heroes are great (and they are). Instead I will focus on how nationalism is actually hindering our growth and progress as a country. More specifically I want to show that it’s our misconception of the idea of nationalism that’s doing this.

Think about it. Really think about it. What ideas do our professors, commentators, and intellectuals espouse as nationalistic? One hundred percent ownership of Filipino’s for companies? Nationalistic. One hundred percent ownership for foreigners? Un-nationalistic. The Philippines claiming ownership of the Spratley Islands and risking a rising superpower’s ire? Patriotic! The Philippines giving up its claim in exchange for other concessions? That’s traitor talk! Americans out of the bases? Yes go Philippines! Americans staying in bases? Well anyone who suggests this is obviously bribed right? I’m not saying that our current crop of nationalistic ideas are unnationalistic but I do assert that it takes more than an underlying “screw you foreigner” motive for an idea to be nationalistic;that some ideas which don’t handicap expats may actually be more nationalistic than those that do. I’m convinced that throughout history our collective idea of what is nationalistic has become perverted into what is protectionist.

Nationalistic ideas at their very core are ideas that will benefit and promote the country. Ideas that no matter the ideological lean of their content will better us as a nation. Consider the original definition’s implications to those of this new one; no idea should be rejected at face value just because they happen to suggest helping foreigners in some shape, way, or form. Each idea should have their pro’s and con’s individually weighed critically. Those that pass; where pro’s outweigh the cons, should be considered nationalistic as they help our country. Those ideas that don’t, shouldn’t. If this means that such controversial ideas such as one hundred percent foreign ownership of corporations or ownership of lands is considered nationalistic, then so be it. I’m not saying it necessarily has to be, but if an impartial study dins it so…so be it.

Running a nation is a very complex endeavor. Each day our leaders are faced with thousands of decisions; each of them with a thousand possible courses of action. Locking out a certain subset of these choices, even if they are the most beneficial for our country, due to some misunderstood idea of nationalism hurts us as our leaders cannot pick the best and most efficient paths for fear of being called traitors. We already have enough disadvantages without further handicapping ourselves with a misguided mindset.

I hope this article reaches some people, it goes against plenty of what is taught in schools nowadays. The fact still remains that limiting our options due to artificial constraints inhibits our growth as a nation. I’ve already stated what my personal definition for a nationalistic idea is. I’d like to leave with my definition of what nationalism is. In my opinion it is “Doing whatever you have to do to make your nation great”

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