Im Sorry, Your Wrong! A very unique, interesting and yes somewhat arrogant name for a blog. It all started one day when I watched one too many experts on t.v. comment on issues that they plainly knew nothing about. I honestly could not believe they genuinely thought that way, as it seemed  obvious that most of their thoughts were not logical. Normally I would just laugh and go on my merry way. Over time however I grew more and more annoyed at such pundits and the title of this blog became my rallying cry, leading me to start the blog. Sure I may just be one voice in the wilderness that nobody hears, but hopefully I will reach some people.

Im Sorry, Your Wrong! will focus mainly on the political and social issues of the day. With the amount of blogs, editorials, and other opinion pieces available to us on the web its inevitable that every angle of every new topic will be explored but I promise that I will attempt to come up with a fresh perspective on anything I post.

Please feel free to comment and critique the articles I make. I try to analyze every situation as logically as I can but who knows? I could be wrong too. I also welcome any emails for requests for any future topics you may want to see. Well happy reading. Above all I hope that even if you disagree with my opinions they at least cause you to rethink your understanding of the issues.


3 responses to “About

  1. Provocative name…nice blog!
    I like your style in writing, simple yet well thought out. I’ll be reading all of your articles because I too, I’m passionate about social issues.
    My blog tends to focus more on positive so I’ll vent out my negative thoughts on comments to other blogs. I’m not saying anything negative to the blogger but rather shoot my thoughts into scenarios that I consider irritating. I hope you won’t mind me sharing something others might consider inciting thoughts on political issues local and international.

    Expect to read my comments on some of your articles. Don’t worry it’ll be a civilize comment.

    Thanks for creating and sharing your blog to the world.

    JJ:>) founder YHEP

  2. Miguel Nepomuceno

    Nice Blog, just registering for updates.

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