Willing Willy

Lol. I think there’s a dirty joke in the title somewhere. Well our country is in an uproar again. I personally didn’t watch it but apparently a game show host asked a small child to do a sexy dance in his show in exchange for some money. The parents, being in poverty, agreed and the child did as well. The child cried a little in the middle of the dance and a few concerned people accused the show of child abuse. The whole thing escalated and now its a huge issue.

I have no doubt that the child should have not been forced to participate in that dance. Having watched the youtube video I do think it is child abuse. But really though? We complain about this? Isn’t this what we wanted for our entertainment in the first place?

Think about it. Isn’t this the next logical extension of what we want? Those shows have attractive girls in skimpy costumes gyrating for your amusement almost the entire time they are on the air. We support and watched that. We see them tease and humiliate the poor, sometimes forcing them to do embarrassing things. We support and watched that. They did the same to the elderly. Again we supported it. With all this, isn’t it but logical for them to think that we want to see our children abused this way? After all we liked everything they did before.

Look at our society in general. We block the RH bill. Something that could have prevented more street children from being born, thereby condemning more children to a life of despair. Most of our movies have some sort of sex scene in them. Half of our movies are actually glorified porn. We support all of this. Its the trend that are society is following so why should we be surprised when child abuse in this form happens?

I’m not saying that the game show host should not be punished. In fact he should have been punished way before this. No other game show host in our nations history has caused a stampede or been implicated in as many scandals as he has. But while we punish him let us cure the root as well, instead of only going after the symptoms. If our country still continues down this path it is only a matter of time before another dancing child appears.

Look at the things we support. Instead of buying a ticket to buy a sex movie, buy one for our comedies or dramas. If there is none, then watch something else. Don’t buy one of those hot babes or other sex discs. Buy something else. I mean seriously there is already enough porn in the internet. Most of it is even free. Don’t watch these game shows which feature the gyrating girls. There are plenty of other programs to watch. Sooner or later our artists will understand that sex doesn’t always sell. Support the RH bill. Support other measures to help prevent the rise of street children. I’m sure there are also other things we can do if we think about it.

I have a special gripe with this game show actually. Most of its counterparts are shown during the lunchtime to take advantage of people’s lunch break. However this show airs at night. During the only time when people without cable are forced to watch the news, because well there is nothing else to watch. I’m not a fan of the quality of our news but being somewhat informed is better than not being informed as well. Having this game show on at the same time contributes to keeping the masses ignorant.

These types of issues do pop up time to time. Like I said in another article maybe we finally did have enough, and its time for a change. Still the cynic in me says that we only respond to this issue because its popular.


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