Libyan Conflict

 I apologize for this belated blog entry. I know the world has already moved on from this and i should have wrote about it earlier.

If you’ve been watching the news or have wondered why the oil prices rose then you will know that there is some sort of war in Libya. The story is not really unique. Strongman tyrant in power, revolutionaries appear probably funded by first world countries, U.N. or NATO or whomever decides to intervene and bomb/invade the place. Really nothing that different from the average middle eastern or African story.

 What i would really like to talk about is the reaction of the world in general and my country in particular. Somehow we still blame the Americans for starting this war. I even saw a picture of some protesters outside the American embassy here with placards saying “Don’t make Libya into another Iraq”. Allow me to profoundly say “lol no”.

I have no doubt that the United States starts their fair share of conflict whether by overt or covert means. But they did not start this one. Think about the situation at hand. America has just gotten past a major deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan (which could have been handled a LOT better if I might add). They spent billions there and countless troops to give some semblance of freedom to the countries. Which doesn’t really matter in the long run because as soon as they leave another military strongman will take over. The voters in their country just threw out the previous administration at least partly due to the Iraq and Afghanistan war.

Consider all these things and you will see that the United States just isn’t ready for another war. It’s not the military capability. I remember reading some piece of trivia saying that one carrier battle group of the United States Navy could take on all the other navies in the world and still win. And they have eight or more of them. The capability to make war is certainly there. The weapons, soldiers, etc. What is not there is the willpower. The American people just are not ready for another war. They will probably not be ready for another generation. In fact I think if China were to invade Taiwan, under a suitable diplomatic pretext, the US would not send troops to help. Beyond the customary saber rattling and threats of course.

Look at how the conflict itself turned out. The US sent missiles and a few planes. When it came to actually stopping a ground offensive against the rebels who were the ones who stepped up? The French! In other circumstances the US army would be the first ones to send planes over.

Give credit where credit is due, and blame where blame is due. We have to examine each situation individually and make decisions based on that. Not on some preconceived notions we may have.


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  1. I agree with your analogy that US is not ready to lead another war, at least not with Libya. But not necessarily due to the lack of resources and will power.

    It’s sad to say that the current US administration’s political agenda is highly dictated by the Arab league. The Eagle is bowing down to the Kingdom’s demand. They even have the temerity to demand that America pay for the cost of the civil unrest in Libya and Egypt.


    The US should have demanded they pay the cost of rebuilding the World Trade center and the long term health care cost of the responders and victims of 9-11 which will easily amount to billions of dollars.
    After all, 11 of the 19 hijackers are Saudi citizens.

    It’s heart wrenching to see American’s slowly being led to the slaughter house with all the demagoguery that is happening. The liberals are prevailing here. And what I meant by liberals, are the pro-choice and anti-Christians.

    America’s debt is up to their eyeballs and there’s no telling how soon the mighty dollar will loose it’s strength and respect compared to other currencies that are currently vying to earn the rights as favored international currency.

    I hope before that happens I’m outta’ here.

    I’m not a pessimist but with the signs of times…the situation is getting undeniably uglier each day. Even before the dust settles, the reality is already setting in.

    I hate to be the first one to say this, but the liberals are working hard to push America into it’s doom so that the Islamic Nation will take control of the US economy and politics… I highly suspect!

    The sharia law is looming in the horizon and majority of the so-called democratic party Americans are soooo naive they’re actually protecting the rights and making way for the advancement of their stronghold.

    Soon, when America defaults on its’ treasury debts, the mighty dollar will come crashing down to it’s knees and the Kingdoms billion dollars, golds, and diamonds will come to the rescue with all the “hard strings attached”.

    America will be owned. God, I hope I’m wrong.

    I’m not a psychic nor a gifted analyst, but for some strange reason I have the uncanny ability to somehow foresee some important events that already happened… this time around I really don’t mind being wrong!

    But right about now I’m so ticked off by their evil schemes. Every time they are raising funds for Obama the gas price shoots up. The upheaval in the Middle East is just another lame excuse to jack up the prices for their own agenda. Stirring up civil unrest, I find to be their best tool to efficiently raise funds.

    USA is borrowing money to pay for the interest on the $14 trillion debt as of January 2011.

    And yet the Liberal Democrats are not willing to tighten the belts. Overspending and entitlements are out of control.

    If you think our Politicians in the Philippines are behaving badly? Wait till you see how they orchestrate the fall of United States. It is nasty!
    I’m almost tempted to write a book with title “US Congress gone wild!”

    If I talk any further I’ll begin to clutch my chest I must end this here. You’re lucky you are in the Philippines. Please enjoy every bit of your stay there.

    God willing soon I will rejoin my roots.

    All the best!


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