TV rant

This is just a short article about how shallow our television shows have become. It’s probably more of a rant really.

Did any of you ever watch a program of CNN where they use that big television screen that functions like an I-pad? The anchor moves the maps around the screen. He shows you the various data for the conflict in say Libya, the troop movements, political maps, etc. It basically streamlines the data presentation making it easier and more interesting for the viewing public to follow.

Guess what? We have those here! I recently watched a news show on the GMA-7 network where the anchor was using the same screen. Did he use it to show the complicated feudal relationships in our political system? Did it show the possible ways the senators would vote in the upcoming impeachment and the ramifications of each vote? Did he show the effects of world events on the prices of our gas and oil? Nope. He was using it to switch between facebook and twitter reading the replies of viewers on what they would do for summer vacation. Awesome.


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  1. Really! Hmmmmm…that’s baaaad.


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