Im Filipino! Really!

Do you ever notice how all of these actors, singers, sportsmen, etc are suddenly discovering they have a drop of Filipino blood on them? They then throw a concert or whatever here, fleece everyone, and then wave goodbye. All the while exclaiming how being a Filipino means so much to them, how much they love being in this country, and how they cherish their fellow countrymen. Of course, the fact that this is their first time in this country is barely given attention. The best part is we love them for claiming their Filipino heritage.

I can’t even blame these artists. Hey it’s an easy buck. Just claim that you have some sort of Filipino connection and you get a stadium jam-packed with crazy fans who all adore you.

Why? Why do we glorify them so much? Do we really fool ourselves into thinking that these are our countrymen who have somehow made it in another country and are now coming back? Well they are not. They barely know anything about us. I have no doubt some of these really are entertainers and sportsmen who have left our country, succeeded, and are now returning . Those we should cherish. But there is a line! It should be obvious just by hearing someone talk and act that they are not one of us.

I remember listening to the radio and hearing that guy Younghusband’s voice. He was articulating, in a very British accent, about the chances of the Philippine team, on how good they are and other matters of that nature. I immediately laughed. I knew he wasn’t really Filipino. He probably just came here because he couldn’t get enough pitch-time in whatever team he is currently with.

Now when he left to attend some function or other in London and the backup goalie was called and interviewed. He said something like “kayang kaya ko yan dood”. Now that is so Pinoy. He is someone I would be proud to be a member of our national team.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not the language. Anyone with half a brain can learn enough Tagalog to get by. It’s more than that. It’s our culture, our heritage. There is just something about our countrymen that make you look up and acknowledge that yes he is one of us. The people I’m referring to in this article may indeed have Filipino blood in them. However they have already given up their native culture and adopted another one. They have lost what it is to be Pinoy.

We are a nation of contradictions. We have a huge chip on our shoulder. The inheritors of the legacy of the Edsa revolution. We believe that we are a land of heroes. Then when we do find them, we discard them for the excess of other nations. People who claim Filipino blood because their career was not flourishing as they think it should have been in their current land. We believe that we can compete with the best worldwide. Yet when it comes to sports, we give people who have never even seen our country citizenship to build a better team.

I could come up with more examples but why bother? You know what I’m talking about. It is time we recover our national pride. Our squad can compete! With only true Filipinos in them. Our entertainers our better! I honestly have not seen an American band whose songs are as expressive as Parokya ni Edgar. Consider the alternatives. Winning with a team so obviously full of imports. Venerating the dregs of the entertainment industries of other nations. They just make us look pathetic.



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2 responses to “Im Filipino! Really!

  1. No wonder Filipino’s are branded “idolaters”, we idolize good looking celebrities even if they don’t speak our native tongue or they don’t look, walk and talk like us or same complexion as our next door neighbor.

    Maybe not! I think we’re just too nice and naturally hospitable.

    YHEP we are!


  2. sometimes I also ask myself on why are we like that..?

    nice post anyway..

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