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I will not live my life as a goddamn minority.  I will not LIVE my LIFE as a GODDAMN minority! I WILL NOT LIVE MY LIFE AS A GODDAMN MINORITY! This is probably one of the most racist comments in South Park, a show which already has a high level of race related comedy. Yet somehow this single statement from Cartman resonated with me and gave me a eureka moment. Yea Cartman is right!

Now for the obligatory political correctness: I am not a racist. I couldn’t care less for the color of one’s skin. No, I have not been involved in any hate crimes. Yes, I will make fun of everyone equally. American, Filipino, Jew, Black, White, Ginger. The statement struck a chord with me because of the attitude it showed. Not one of racism which, judging by south park’s brand of humor was a joke, but by the confidence and entitlement it shouted. The confidence that says “no, my group will not be at the bottom”. Why? Not because of any inherent qualities in gingers. Cartman could care less. It’s because he is in the group and he has the self-confidence and arrogance to believe that any group he was leading would go to the top. More importantly the context of the sentence showed that he was willing to work and give his all to achieve this. When Cartman shouted this I immediately thought: “I will not live my life in a poor, backward, third world- country”.

I promised in my last article that I would tell you why I love this country. Let me begin. I don’t love this country because of Rizal, Cory, or any of our other heroes. I don’t love this country because of People Power 2, our valiant defense during WW2, or any other event in our history. I certainly don’t love this country because of the people in it. A majority of whom I have never even met nor spoken to. The heroes and events in our past are certainly noteworthy. I’m sure if I met most of my countrymen I would like a lot of them. However there is only one reason I love this country. I love this country because I am in it. I love this country because I love myself.

I love this country because I love myself. So simple, so selfish, so conceited, so arrogant. Yet there it is. For better or for worse the cosmic lottery dictated that I be born here. Which means this is my team. I wasn’t drafted for this team, nor was I scouted to join, but it’s still my team. And I just have too much pride and self- confidence to let my team remain second best. Who wants to let their team remain as the kings if they could transform them to be the Lakers right? I’m sure other people have had this thought before. Everyone you ask will probably say they want to make the country a better place to live in. The difference, I think, is that I am egotistical and arrogant enough to believe that I can make a difference. I believe that I deserve to be in the best country and I am willing to work to achieve that. In fact I believe in myself so much that I take it as a failure every time our nation sinks deeper.

The obvious question is why not switch teams? After all there was no voluntary choice on my part to be a citizen here. I’m sure if I believe in myself this much then I should certainly believe that other nations would offer me citizenship. Why not join an already successful nation? The answer lies in that very same belief. The confidence I have in myself makes me think that leaving to join another nation is an admission of defeat, one of surrender. I am essentially saying that it is beyond my capabilities to help bring our country to the top and therefore I will leave. Sadly, I’m just too egotistical to do that.

By now you are probably saying “Wow what an arrogant asshole. What can you do by yourself.” Yes, you might be right. There may be nothing I can do and I may just be setting myself up for disappointment. God forbid the day ever comes where reality crushes my spirit and compel me to leave. However until that day comes, while I am still young and full of spirit I will try and make our team the best one.

What can one person do though? Honestly? Nothing by himself. It could be that my contribution would be this blog. Hopefully I can reach some like-minded countrymen out there and gather more people to enact change. Maybe someone reading my words will have a paradigm shift and be offended at the thought that they deserve to live in a third world country. Maybe it will be outside of the internet, through the people I interact with. I just know that every time I see our latest blunder I think we could do so much better and I think and make plans about how to do that. I hope I reach a point in my life where I can more meaningfully affect our direction. One thing is for sure though. I am not going to give up and will try to find ways to make this place better.

Well that’s it. I do hope I reach someone with this post. Out of every article I’ve made I think this one shows everyone the most about my character. Whenever you look at our country and see the corrupt, the laziness, the lawless. Remember that they don’t matter. Our country could be filled with the worst people but we should still have enough confidence in ourselves to change it. Remember: I love this country because I love myself.



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  1. Your country, my country, our country and we’re proud of it!
    I’ll tell’ em our country needs Patriotic’s like you.

    YHEP we must love our country!

    All the best!


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